Inspiration from the classics

The cultural center “Vnukovo” invites to the exhibition the works of the talented artist Olga Mamykina.

Picture, out-of-hand by Olga Mamykin, were inspired by the works of talented artists of the past: Aivazovsky, whose exhibition in Feodosia artist visited as a child, Dutch painters Van Gogh and Rembrandt, with whom she met in a more adult, and Nuremberg artist Durer. The artist herself notes that the greatest influence on her had work “praying hands” (Dürer), “The Last Supper” (Da Vinci) “Tulips” and “Starry Night” (Van Gogh), “Anatomy Lesson” and “Night Watch” (Rembrandt), “Sea” (Aivazovsky), as well as a more modern “Oslabya” (Ryzhenko). An invaluable contribution to the development of the artist introduced and Igor Mamykin, original and talented painter, who generously shared the secrets of the creative process.

Ideas for their paintings the artist draws everywhere. And the simplest seemingly still lifes become almost real, ready to leave the canvas. The artist travels a lot and takes what she sees on her canvases. The exhibition features still-lifes, portraits, fantasy-pictures and fascinating landscapes.

The exhibition is open in the foyer of the cultural center “Vnukovo” until August 26, 2017.

Free admission.

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